The Christian and Jobs Action Party

A political party supportive of the Christian Faith and focused on creating jobs.

Citizens of the Republic of Ireland, today the Fine Gael Party, The Labour Party, Sinn Féin, Fianna Fáil under Micheál Martin and all the other political parties have turned their backs on Christian values as is shown by their unanimous support for a Yes vote in the recent same-sex marriage referendum. In the coming general election these parties seek power in order to achieve the ultimate and irreversible victory of the “New Ireland” with its totems of social media values, globalization, gender fluidity, parent marginalization etc.

Further, throughout Ireland we see small towns and villages dying on their feet. This is because the present political parties, starting with Micheál Martin of Fianna Fail, introduced and have maintained the below cost selling order and foreign retail giants which have virtually eradicated the small family business from the Irish main street. The French or Italian governments have not allowed such to happen. Small local businesses are pillars of the community; they promote civic engagement, foster community values and genuinely allow the produce of Irish farmers flow to the market. Multinational quasi-monopolies crush the civic backbone of a small town and kill its morale. Through its policies including the reintroduction of the below cost grocery order across the entire retail sector, the Christian And Jobs Action Party (CJAP) aims to arrest the decline of rural and suburban Ireland and regenerate local communities.

Under the weight of such social and political pressure does one give up? Certainly not! There is hope. A force has arrived to resist the strident secularism that has been foisted political parties which belonged to ordinary Irish people – that force is John Malone and the party he has founded, The Christian and Jobs Action Party (CJAP).

The coming general election will be the most decisive in the history of the state and it will determine whether or not strident secularism is to be the driving ethic of the state. Thankfully in the election the people of Ireland will have a choice. Now if they so wish they will be able to vote for a party that is both faith friendly and has policies to create jobs for people of all skill levels. Don’t waste this new choice. Participate in the fight back. Vote for and join the Christian and Jobs Action Party (CJAP). The party is open to anyone but it should be realized that its support of the value and worth of the Christian faith and marriage as historically exhibited is not a temporary or negotiable stance.