• Whilst horrific violence and the fear of it stalk the countryside and make farm families prisoners in their own homes there can be no prosperity. The immediate priority of government must be to set up an emergency task force to eradicate this scourge sparing neither funds nor any resource or capability of the three branches of government. The words of the Irish people are “Quit the speculation. Just Get On and Do It”.


  • Reintroduce the below-cost grocery order across the entire retail sector to kick start Main Street Ireland.


  • Divert 25% of the budget of certain state agencies to non -IT start-ups or restarts.


  • Exempt all businesses with less than 30 staff and 70 % of whose business is carried on within the state from business rates for 6 years (medical practices and licensed premises excepted).  


  • Establish an agriculture regulator to set prices dominant food processors pay beef and dairy farmers for their produce.


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  • Legislate that all companies/enterprises employing 5 or more full-time staff must when recruiting advertise the vacancy/s on their website and conduct a transparent interview process.


  • State fostering of mass economic immigration should cease as it only favors multiple property owning landlords, and puts owning ones’ own home hopelessly out of the reach of Irish workers whether born here or recent citizens, and pauperizes young college students and their parents.


  • No to Water Charges. No to taxation on the double. Generations of Irish people have already paid for our existing water infrastructure.


  • Enact legislation to establish conscience clauses to counteract the draconian affects of the Marriage Act 2015


  • Oppose the strident secularist crusade to remove the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland.